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Namso Gen - Namso CCGen - Live Credit Card Generator

Namso Gen is a free live Credit Card Generator website that allows you to use Bins to create many credit cards. Namso is a freemium cc generator just like namsopro. This CCGen performs same like Namso Gen

Features of Namso CCGen - Namso Gen:-

Like every original credit card, Namso Gen also has its own distinguishing features, which are as follows:

  • The random number generated by Namso Gen is 16 digits
  • All the random credit cards have their own unique Verification Value Code (VVC)
  • The random card can possess any random name as the name of the cardholder
  • The cards generated by Namso Gen expire after 3 months of production to prevent any misuse.

Checksum Formula Used In Namso CCGen - Namso Gen:

The Namso ccgen uses a checksum formula to verify the validity of numbers generated. This formula is called Luhn’s Formula or Module 10. According to the formula, if all the numbers generated by Namso Gen accumulate to 0, the number is valid and can be put to use. However, the numbers generated by Namso CCGen are neither valid nor do they link to a bank account. And not only Namso Gen, but the same applies to every ccgen in the market. But then the question which arises is that when the credit card numbers generated by credit card generating software hold no value, why are they even necessary?  

Benefits of the Namso CCGen - Namso Gen Software:-

Now, even though the numbers generated by the Namso Gen software are completely random in nature and hold no monetary value, it does not mean that they are insignificant. In fact, random credit card numbers are extremely important for many people engaged in e-commerce, especially the web owners who have to ensure the smooth functioning of their websites. It has been proven during the pandemic situation that cashless payments are gradually taking over cash transactions. Under these circumstances, the use of cc generators is more valuable than ever. Here are some of the ways in which the random numbers generated by Namso Gen help:

  • Testing purposes:

Random credit card numbers are extremely useful for web developers for testing the efficiency of their newly developed websites and ensure the smooth execution of online transactions.

  • To avoid entering personal information:

A number of websites require the personal details of people, such as their bank account details or credit card details to grant access. Those people who free uncomfortable in entering their private data can use Namso Gen to generate a dummy credit card number.

  • To verify the validity of cards:

Merchants can authenticate the validity of a credit card by using Namso Gen.

  • Miscellaneous benefits:

Random credit card numbers can also be used to avail of free online services without having to disclose any private information.

Which Credit Card Generator Is The Best?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions whenever the topic of Namso ccgen arises. And so, we thought of answering this question in this very article. Despite the fact that there are a number of credit card generators in the market, the best and the widely used one is Namso Gen or Namso CCGen. Namso Gen is that random credit card number generator that provides unique, but valid numeric structures for the purpose of testing and research. Namso CCGen is also the same thing with a different Name

How Can We Use the Namso CCGen - Namso Gen Software?

Using Namso Gen is nothing complex. Even a common man can easily generate a random credit card number by following a few simple steps. The only requirement is to understand the distribution of numbers on original credit cards, which is as follows:  

  • The first six digits: these are the Bank’s Identification Number (BIN) which are sort of like a unique code of the issuing organization
  • The next 8 digits: the 8 digits that follow the BIN are the cardholder’s number
  • The last digit: the last and most important digit on a credit card is called the check digit which verifies the authenticity of the entire numeric sequence.

Once you have understood this distribution, you can generate a random credit card number for yourself entering your BIN in Namso CCGen and clicking on the ‘Generate Cards’ button.

Is Namso CCGen - Namso Gen Legal to Use?

In a time like this, when credit card frauds have increased more than ever, it is quite reasonable for you to ask whether Namso CCGen is a legal software or if it facilitates any illegal activities. Well, the Namso CCGen software was formed for the purpose of testing websites to guarantee safety and confidentiality to customers private details such as their original credit card numbers. So, it is absolutely unbelievable to even think that Namso Gen can be used for unlawful activities. Moreover, since the numbers generated by Namso CCGen do not direct to any existing bank account, it is self-understood that these random numbers cannot be used for fraudulent transactions.

Is Namso CCGen - Namso Gen Risk-Free?

Another frequently asked question is whether our personal data remains safe while using Namso CCGen to generate dummy credit card numbers. To burst the myth, Namso Gen requires no personal details of the user, except for his BIN, which remains the same for all credit card holders of a particular financial institution. So, there is no doubt that Namso CCGen is 100% risk-free software.

Generate A Random Credit Card Number Today!

Reaching the end of the debate, it can be comprehended that Namso CCGen is not only a reliable CC generator but is also the most acceptable one which helps people in reducing their workload and ensuring the safety of their e-commerce platforms to boost online trade.