Date: 25th-26th August
Venue: Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee
Cost: Free!
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Welcome to the eAssessment Scotland page – home to the largest conference dedicated to exploring the benefits of technology-enhanced assessment practices in the UK. This year, eAssessment Scotland tackles the issue of ‘Authentic Assessment’ and whether we can improve the experience of learners by creating measures of skills and knowledge that more closely mirror what happens in the real world.

Our third conference is rapidly shaping up to be our most ambitious and exciting event so far – with keynote speakers who are sure to inspire, stimulate and challenge your views on this evolving area of education:

The seminar sessions have been selected to showcase just how far e-Assessment has travelled along an occasionally rocky, but ultimately rewarding path and to present a glimpse into what the future might hold.

Workshops have always been popular at the conference – and this year’s are bound to be no exception. Numbers will be limited for each session, so make sure you sign up early so not to miss out!

You did ask us for more workshops last year, so we’re also going to be running three ‘masterclass’ CPD sessions on the afternoon before the main conference. The details of these can be found on the Programme section of the site – numbers again will be limited, so book early if you want to participate.

With an audience drawn from across the country and beyond, it’s a perfect opportunity to meet with others who share an interest in e-Assessment, learn what they’re doing with the technology and share your own experiences.

Derek Robertson’s talk on how video games can teach us a thing or two about assesment:

What Can We Learn About Assessment from Video Games? from Kenji Lamb on Vimeo


Programme details will be published over the coming weeks.

Thursday Programme (afternoon only)

12:30 Arrival and registration (refreshments available)
13:00 Introduction
13:10 Masterclass Sessions
Session 1 Exploring Assessment Design
Ruth Thomas, JelSIM
Helen Ashton, Heriot Watt University
Session 2 Delivering Audio and Video Feedback
Carol Walker, Learning Technologist (for hire)
Session 3 TBA
14:40 Refreshments
15:00 Masterclass Sessions (continued…)
16:30 End

Friday Programme

09:15 Arrival and registration (refreshments available)
09:45 Introduction
Keynote 1 - Assessment in the Digital Age: Fair Measures?
Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth
Keynote 2 - Please Sir, May I Have Some More Exams” The Student Perspective on Assessment Activitie
Becka Colley, University of Bradford
11:00 Parallel Sessions A
Workshop 1 The NXT Step - Assessing with Lego Robotsbr> Kent Pledger, Mid Calder Primary School
Workshop 2 Tools to Enhance Assessment in Moodle
Matt Wingfield, TAG Developments
Workshop 3 TBA
Seminar 1 a. Supporting Students’ Writing Skills Using Turnitin
Dr. Sharon Flynn, National University of Ireland, Galway
b. Student Voice is the Key to Authentic Assessment
Dan Roberts, Saltash.net Community School
Seminar 2 a. Assessment in the ‘Digital Age’ and the Role of the Student
Professor Ian Pirie, Assistant Principal, Edinburgh College of Art
Stewart Cordiner, Head of Visual Communication, Edinburgh College of Art

b. Formative e-Assessment: Just Another Way to Use a Blog
Natalie Lafferty, University of Dundee
Seminar 3 a. Some Unexpected Benefits of Technology-supported Peer Collaboration which Aggressively Attack Traditional Methods of Assessment
Sarah Honeychurch, University of Glasgow
Steve Draper, University of Glasgow

b. Harnessing the Potential of PeerMark to Enhance and Enrich the Student Experience of Assessment and Feedback
Dr Neil McPherson, University of the West of Scotland
Seminar 4 a. Tips for Creating and Delivering Effective Mobile Assessments
Joseph Kelly, Questionmark
b. e-Assessment for Recruitment, Training and Testing in Private and Public Sectors: The Edumatic case at Airbus and Selor
Bert Wylin, Televic Education
12:00 Exhibitors (refreshments available)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Afternoon Introduction
Keynote 3 - TBA
Pamela Kato, Independent Consultant, University Medical Center Utrecht
14:10 Parallel Sessions B
Workshop 1 App, App and Away: Using Google Forms for Assessment and More
Martin Hawksey, Ed. Tech Mash-up Artist
Workshop 2 MyShowcase - Controlling Your Digital Evidence
David Sowden, University of Hull
Workshop 3 A Dummies Guide to Secure Digital eAssessment
Martin Gower, eCom Scotland
Seminar 1 a. >Numbas: A Powerful Open Source Tool for e-Assessment
Bill Foster, Newcastle University
Christian Perfect, Newcastle University

b. Authentic Assessment in Law: SIMPLE
Karen Barton, University of Strathclyde Law School
Seminar 2 a. Assessment Futures: the Role for e-Assessment?
Peter Hartley, University of Bradford
b. Getting Vocal About Feedback
Malcolm Mactavish, University of Abertay Dundee
Seminar 3 a. Personalising the Assessment Experience: Closing the Gap Between Learning, Assessment, Feedback and Future Performance
Shane Sutherland, PebblePad
b. Mahara and TotaraLMS for Apprenticeships and Other Staff Development
Derrin Kent, TDM
Seminar 4 a. Building the e-Assessment Centre
Gavin Lang & Claire Fulton, Edinburgh’s Telford College
b. Can We Rely on Intuition Alone When Designing Assessments?
Margarida Amaral, University of Porto
15:10 Poster Entries Showcase (refreshments available)
Keynote 4 - Fails: When assessment goes bad…
Donald Clark, Free from the Tyranny of Employment
16:00 Scottish e-Assessment Awards
Cliff Beevers OBE, Chair of the e-Assessment Association
16:30 Closing Remarks and Prizes
16:35 Wine Reception
17:30 End


The Scottish e-Assessment Awards, launched in 2009, recognise excellence and innovation in using e-Assessment to improve the educational experience of learners.

If you have been working with e-Assessment (either developing an e-Assessment product/process or utilising a product/process in your organisation) over the current academic year ’10-’11, then you are eligible to submit an entry to the Awards*. Entries are accepted from any organisation (public or private) utilising e-Assessment.

Organised by the UK’s e-Assessment Assocation, the Awards are offered in the following categories:

  • Formative e-Assessment
  • Summative e-Assessment
  • e-Portfolio
  • Mobile e-Assessment
  • Facilitating e-Assessment
  • Innovation

Entries for the Awards are being accepted now, with a deadline of 16th August for submissions. All entries for the Awards must be submitted to [email protected] using the Submission Form for the Awards available here.

The following criteria will be used by the judges to guide them in the evaluation of submitted entries:

  1. Has a positive impact on learning and teaching
  2. Demonstrates sound design principles
  3. Supports and promotes inclusive practice
  4. Engages and motivates the learner

When completing the submission form, please show how your entry matches the above criteria, giving more detail where there is a strong link with a particular criterion. The judging panel must be satisfied that the entry is of high quality, and offers significant benefits that differentiate it from other similar entries.

There may be a case where a submission technically qualifies for two categories – for example a formative assessment delivered through a mobile platform. In such as situation, submitting parties are encouraged to select the most relevant category. A single submission cannot be entered into multiple categories.

The winners will be announced at this year’s eAssessment Scotland conference, on the 26th of August at the University of Dundee. There was quite a lengthy waiting list for the event last year – so if you’re planning on attending the UK’s largest annual e-Assessment conference, register your place now!

*The Awards are open to entrants who have developed products/processes in Scotland, or are using products/processes within a Scottish organisation.


Registrations are now Closed!

Bookings for eAssessment Scotland 2011 are now "Closed".

Looking forward to seeing you then!

eAS Team